Initial Exchange Offerings have been gaining massive traction as a new development for regulated coin offerings. There have been a number of incredibly successful IEO’s over the past few months, IDAX is thrilled to announce that we will be the first exchange to offer TuneTrade’s TXT token to the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Users who pass our KYC/AML qualifications will be eligible to participate in TuneTrade’s IEO offering with a 20% bonus the first day for only one hour.

About TuneTrade

In the ever changing world of social branding, true fan engagement remains a crucial component of the sales cycle for any artistic career. From a strong logo to a captivating biography, the creative process surrounding acquisition and retention is as complicated and competitive as it’s ever been.

With the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, early adopters have experienced a new generation of engagement unlike anything we’ve ever seen. From airdrops to bounty programs and even Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the emergence of blockchain-based systems provides a new paradigm for community development. While companies such as Starbucks paved the path for customized digital loyalty, we believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As society continues to digitize many important aspects of our lives, it should come as no surprise that tokenized goods and services will quickly emerge as the defacto standard for many creative vehicles. As it relates to musicians and influencers alike, these vehicles include but are not limited to the creation of digital loyalty programs, scare collectibles, new forms of digital merchandise and peer-to-peer ticketing.

Our Mission

By providing a digital arsenal of creative tools, our platform allows individuals to tokenize their image and empower their community in an entirely new way. Tunetrade empowers brands and provide creators with everything they need to make their brand a long-term success. The TuneTrade prototype is currently live on https://tunetrade.io/ with over 87,000 Telegram members and many collaborations with top tier artists and industry partners planned. Tunetrade aims to become the nr1 Brand Engagement platform for Artists, Creators and Influencers around the world.

TXT Tokens

In order to capture the full value of our vision, TuneTrade has created an ERC20 utility token, TXT, for the issuance and maintenance of all community tokens. As our product continues to evolve, TXT will always serve two major functions on the platform:

  • TXT must be purchased and burned when a new token is created.
  • TXT will serve as the base trading pair for all tokens in existence.

Outside of these primary functions, TXT tokens will also be used as a means to receive discounts and purchase services including but not limited to premium listings, advertising blocks, streamlined verification and consultations.

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 500,000,000 TXT. Circulating Supply: 200,000,000 TXT

Community Pool — 275,000,000 TXT Employee Options Pool* — 50,000,000 TXT

Influencers and Adoption — 25,000,000 TXT

Reward Programs — 50,000,000 TXT Private supporters* — 50,000,000 TXT Key Partners* — 25,000,000 TXT Founders* — 25,000,000 TXT

IEO Logistics:

Start Date: April 29th, 10:18–11:18A.M. UTC+8

End Date: April 30th 10:18–12:18 P.M. UTC +8

Available For Sale — 35,000,000 TXT (7% of total supply. Issued from “Community Pool”)

Conversion Rate: 1 ETH = 4425 TXT

Bonus: 20% for the first hour.

Hard Cap: $1,200,000 USD

Distribution: upon purchase


It’s important to note that TXT tokens were never sold in a traditional ICO. TuneTrade is mostly self-funded and a large majority of the circulating supply is locked until 2020.

For more information on the project and our core team, please follow our social media channels. TuneTrade is gearing up for a huge year and is very excited to have you as a part of our ever growing community.

TuneTrade WhitePaper: https://tunetrade.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/TuneTrade-White-Paper-2019-v3.pdf

Join us, and let’s tokenizing the world together!

IDAX Website: https://www.idax.pro

TXT Website: https://tunetrade.io