Where do I begin.

This is about the past and the future…the mystical and the magical…the fur and the fervent…and the best damn chance we have to design an end to poverty before the end of our lifetimes (or the end of the small island states, whatever comes first). …

Good design counts only if it’s integrated into people’s lives. Here’s what we at IDEO.org have learned about getting it there.

  1. Don’t charge to an answer too soon.
    When designing the Clean Team in-home sanitation service in Kumasi, Ghana, with Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), we kept open minds as to what the ultimate design could look like. It would have been easy to determine that a low-cost toilet…

How a new perspective on an ancient occupation could give small farmers a leg up

by IDEO.org

A common narrative about smallholder farmers in the developing world is that they’re desperately poor, have limited access to quality seeds and fertilizers, few skills, little entrepreneurial or creative drive and no real shot at outplaying the miserable hands they’ve been dealt.

It’s a pretty dim view of…


We improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities through design.

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