“What the world needs now more than ever is: emotionally prepared leaders”

It’s a new year guys.. If you haven’t already done so, get yourself a Journal Book. This is not something you will do in an hour, it’ll take time so be authentic with yourself and put the time and effort into this as it will be so beneficial to you in reaching your goals!

FIRST STEP — Year in Review — Looking Back on 2015

✔ Write down your memories from 2015. Go through your calendar, your FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter…. Think of your best month. What made it the best for you. Write down 2 or 3 of your favorite memories from each month and put a little note as to WHY it was a favorite.

✔ Learn and grow — What goals did you set that you didn’t accomplish or finish? How far did you get? RATE YOURSELF! Don’t look at it as a failure. Look at it as a temporary defeats or something you started and will carry over into 2016.

✔ Completed goals list! What goes DID you reach? Write them down regardless of how big or small they were! Put a box next to your top 10 goals so you can score them on completion. If it was completed it gets 100%, if it was only half completed 50% and so on.


✔ Goals storm. Write down whatever comes to mind!! NO JUDGING — NO THINKING. Just write down everything!! Get comfortable because this is the important step that will take sometime to complete.

✔ Once finished, be realistic and go through your goal storm and categorize. Make a list of categories. Example Categories (Spiritual, Vacations, Giving, Children, Business, Health, Financial, Travel, Moving, Charity, Wedding, Family, Pay off Debt, Parenting) . Choose 5 main categories that you want to focus on this year and find between 5 or 10 goals to add to each of those categories.

✔ Poll off 10% — If you have a total of 100 goals for 2016 go through and pick you top 10. These are the MOST IMPORTANT, MOST IMPACT, MOST INFLUENCE.

I know this seems like a lot but if you are serious about your future, doing this will be hugely beneficial! I want 2016 do be the year we all look back on and say doing this was the difference!

How serious do you take your life? How bad do you want to reach your goals?? Once you are finished, share your results with me if you feel comfortable :). I hope you found value in this. I have created an account on Instagram if you’d like to connect with me there for my random posts and thoughts follow @onlybuilt4triumph which was inspired by one of the top 10 Hip hop albums of all time. :)

Thanks to my mentor and friend Gina Mazzaro for sharing this with me. And to all may you have an amazing 2016!


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