IDMoney Weekly Community Update

Weekly Update 05/07/2018 — 05/13/2018

Greetings IDMoney Community:

As we are rallying toward our pre-sale phase, lots of developments and exciting news are going on every day, for the sake of being transparent and in order to keep you all informed, we will continue to provide weekly updates with the most relevant information.

IDMoney in the News

Our Company has been highlighted in several important media outlets during the month of May, below we list some of them (click on the titles to read the articles)

Registration Process

Our registration process has been generating the traction we expected, also, we have been very diligent in making sure to create a base of serious potential purchasers. If you have not registered yet, go to our website and complete this extremely simple step

Bounty Campaign

We have created a hot new bounty campaign in order to share tokens with participants in exchange for simple tasks.

1 Million IDM Tokens (750 ETH) have been allocated to this campaign, follow the link below for further details:;all

Our animation team has been working non-stop for the first series of our manga episodes to come to reality, but we will be providing more updates about this later, for now, watch our behind the scenes video where you can learn more about our highly talented and committed team Team Working Their Magic

To find out more about our project, use any of the links below:

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