Are you a bachelor looking to create a bachelor pad for yourself? Then continue to read on as you might discover some stunning revelations!

A bedroom is a resting enclave for some, for some it’s a way to escape from the atrocities of the daily life. No matter what, but our bedroom is the most inviting place where we can relax, rejuvenate and forget about all our worries. Thus it is very essential that our bedroom is designed according to our taste. When you can relate to the interiors of your room, it becomes an oasis of calm.

A leather headboard and low platform bed is sure shot way of attaining the look. It sleek, sturdy and stunning!

Although there are many themes, one of them is the ‘masculine theme’. No, you don`t need to be a man to have your bedroom designed according to that theme. A masculine bedroom is something which is solid, grand, broad, sturdy and most importantly functional. Whenever we try to customize a room, we tend to forget the needs and requirements of men in the house.

But it`s not at all difficult to refurbish a room according to your partner`s need. We have compiled a list of stunning bedroom designs all around the world based on masculine themes. You will find some rare and creative ideas that can spark an innovative hack or a design statement that can sweep you off your feet.

A bed with cushioned headboard can provide support a sleek design is perfect for compact spaces and small rented apartments.
A simple wooden bed can look stylish even in a scarcely designed room. Make the room more appealing by hanging an interesting piece of art on the wall. To make the room more comfy, add a leather armchair.
Adding side tables on both the sides of the bed can give you some fabulous way to stay organized! Keep your favorite collection of stamps, or cars on display.
This is for those who like to stay close to the ground ;), Do we need say more?
An open air view of the sky will keep you refreshed while your comfortable bed will keep you cozy all the time.
For those who like cozy and warm places, this bedroom space might steal their heart. The button-tufted headboard looks elegant while the dark blue walls adorned with stunning pieces look aesthetic.

So take the world by your creative instincts and experiment as much as you would like to. Try darker shades likes blue, black and grey and bring some zeal into your interiors by blending striking hues. For beautiful bed and other furniture visit www.idus.in

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