Figma Now Integrates with Zeplin
Dylan Field

My team has been doing a couple pilot projects with Figma in an effort to reduce the number of tools/touch points and improve collaboration and consistency of design.

We’re finding it to address MOST of the issues we have previously used Sketch/Zeplin/Folio for Mac/Invision Craft library plugin to solve, but when trying to hand off assets to our development partners, the Android folks in particular are (a) getting errors when attempting to use SVGs exported from Figma; and (b) really wishing the scaled PNGs would export as a set of folders named for the scale size (like Zeplin does)

Really, if Figma was able to export assets in the same way that Zeplin does — into relevant folders, there’d be no need for us to use Zeplin at all.

Please please please tell me this is on your roadmap, because leading international teams and trying to keep everything running smoothly with everyone using 4 or more tools is going to send me over the edge one day!