Dear Artists: San Francisco Doesn’t Deserve You
Abraham Woodliff

Look, as a SF native, I’m going to be frank.

Screw them.

I appreciate public art a lot, and I enjoy beautifying our city with creativity, but these same artists are the types who are against development. Are against more housing. Whine about height restrictions and the character of the neighborhood. They played right into the wealthy property owner’s hands, and now they’re sleeping in their well-made beds. San Francisco neighborhoods change all the time. Problem is, the last time the city got any major increase in housing was in the 50’s when the Avenues were being developed.

I’ve seen these same artists shout about “too much development”, and protesting buildings because “it blocks the view of the bay”. Well, how does it feel, you got what you wanted.

You want to fix it?

Build more housing.


Alright, well enjoy suburban L.A. Yes, Oakland and Berkeley are out of your price range.

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