Nigel Crook Director of the Institute for Ethical AI at Oxford Brookes University

Rise of the Moral Machine

Sonny: “My father tried to teach me human emotions. They are … difficult”

Spooner: “You mean your ‘designer’”.

Sonny: “Yes”

Spooner: “So why did you murder him?”

Sonny: “I did not murder Dr Lanning”

Spooner: “Want to explain why you were hiding at the crime scene?”

Sonny: “I was frightened”

Spooner: “Robots don’t feel fear. They don’t feel anything. They don’t get hungry, they don’t sleep …”

Sonny: “I do. I have even had dreams”

Spooner: “Human beings have dreams. Even dogs…

Institute for Ethical AI

Promoting the ethical development and deployment of AI technology.

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