Big Data Startups — The time is now

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game” — Goethe

As the Big Data guru Bernard Marr points out, Big Data is maturing, advancing from an infant stage into adolescence. Now, senior management of large corporations acknowledge the importance of Big Data; they are aware of the benefits of Big Data and the risks of lagging behind in incorporating it into their companies. Decision makers are less apprehensive about switching into Big Data, which is great news for Big Data startups.

The effect on startups might not be obvious at first, but is much more important than what it seems: if senior managers and the likes of them begin to truly understand Big Data, the growth potential of any startup whose business model revolves around this technology increases. In other words, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors will be easier to convince. For a young startup there is nothing scarier than getting the “I don’t follow” face from potential investors when pitching their business.

Some analysts are arguing that the world is heading towards a startup bubble similar to 2001’s bubble. As true as it might be, it would be dangerous to put all new technologies in the same bag. The benefit of Big Data startups is that their business model is rooted on “hard” facts and not a bunch of marketing slogans. No one can deny that the amount of data stored is increasing exponentially, and that the success of many of today’s tech behemoths (Google, Amazon, Spotify, eBay…) is strongly linked with Big Data.

The truth is that tech startups with a focus on Big Data are here to stay, and to disrupt industries. Spain is not foreign to this worldwide trend, and today we are seeing some of these emerging companies starting to gain traction:

  • Touchvie. Changing the way we watch movies and TV Shows by synching the tablet/mobile with the TV to get instant information on every scene being watched.
  • Datary. Data Marketplace for helping companies get their data sets cleaned and ready to be analyzed.
  • Smartvel. Big Data applied on creating personalized travel experiences and suggestions.
  • Ad-pure. Online marketing platform capable of reacting to real time events to target the right audience at the right moment.
  • Localidata. B2B company focused on open data, helping corporations with strategy, publishing and normalization of data.
  • Big Data applied to social network management.

Monetization, growth, established competition, securing a niche… Big Data startups are undoubtedly facing the typical problems any startup faces, but that should not be a deterrent. If you have a big data related idea, access to the data sets you will need to operate, and a clear view on the algorithms, tech and expertise required to make it work… do not hesitate and try!