DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization and is an entity in a digital system facilitated by smart contracts. Smart contracts involve digital tools and protocols that help support specific transactions or other contract elements.

Here are some guidelines to better understand the organization, its mission and values, and why it is decentralized and autonomous.

Definition of Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The first code based DAO was launched as a smart contract, running on the ethereum blockchain as an investor-directed capital fund having no conventional management structure or board of directors. The idea of this organization surfaced not long after bitcoin was released. …

Knowledge is power

The XIN Knowledge Base is the new home for all information regarding the development and handling of the Infinity Economics Platform. The wiki platform has been designed specifically for the needs of developers and users and is continuously evolving. This exposes much information that was previously only accessible to a limited group of users.

New sections for every purpose

With the launch of the XIN Knowledge Base, more than 35 articles go online. This makes it easier for new users but also for new developers.

The new wiki is divided into four sections:

  • Technology
  • Features
  • How-To Guides
  • For Developers

As a new user, you can…

Entrepreneurs and Nonprofit Organizations share the same problem — raising funds to support a business idea, product or a charitable cause. Investors, philanthropists, people all over the world contribute, but there is always the issue of trust. Administrators or financial institutions have mismanaged funds leading to broken dreams and humanitarian causes unable to adequately assist those in need.

Infinity Economics (IE) blockchain provides the security and level of trust these entities seek. It offers a new full service and limitless decentralized financial ecosystem and the digital economy where the distribution of power through voting and messaging are implemented (Hybrid Governance)…

Business and governments go hand in hand. In some countries, it is a detriment to their people and economy. Corruption, lost records, and inadequate management are a few of the problems for corporations and the powers that be.

Contracts, transactions, and the documentation of them establish the foundation in our economic, legal, and political systems. Agencies protect assets and determine organizational boundaries, verify identities and record events. These procedures are used to cement the cooperation among
nations, organizations, communities, and individuals. They influence managerial and social action.

Infinity Economics Platform (IEP) is a user and service-centric multipurpose blockchain platform and…

Technology has been rapidly changing our way of life. We can now talk, text or communicate face to face locally or internationally on a computer or mobile phone, get help or information from Echo or Siri, and use a QR (Quick Response) Code to find out about a product before buying it instantly. Even paying for goods or reimbursing a friend has become quick and accessible
through a smartphone. Most consumers are still using bank accounts attached to their smart pay apps, but there is a growing trend toward the use of cryptocurrency.

The first Bitcoin transaction took place in…

Hollywood seems to always portray the future in bleak terms with either robots or aliens taking over or with humans destroying their own world. Yet, it was a 1957 romantic comedy, The Desk Set, starring Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn that touched upon everyday workers, in this case researchers at a national television network, in fear of losing their job to a computer. A happy ending ensued when everyone found the computer was being installed to help, not replace them. And of course, the boy got the girl!

In the 61 years since that film, computers have evolved from huge…

Infinity Economics Platform (IEP) is steadily building and improving on existing, as well as creating, new crypto technology and services into a single powerful multipurpose blockchain program.

Its next gen eco system philosophy is about integrating crypto currencies into the world’s traditional financial marketplace today. IEP is a single gateway for consumers, traders, investors and financial institutions through the construction of a new full service and limitless decentralized financial ecosystem and digital economy. This innovative platform offers a secure low transaction cost payment process enabling an average individual to invest in the New Economy.

Infinity Economics Platform can be considered…

Infinity Economics Platform features and base philosophy provide a break to capitalism. How can this be accomplished? By staying truly decentralized and anonymous by default.

Cryptocurrencies utilize blockchains, a distributed database that creates a digital ledger of transactions. The ledger is shared among a vast network of computers while advanced cryptography keeps it secure, private, and decentralized allowing each participant to interact with the ledger in a secure way without the need for a central authority. A growing list of records (blocks) are maintained, time stamped and are a link to the previous block.

Infinity Economics Platform is a decentralized…

ZURICH, March 28, 2018

Infinity Economics Platform (IEP), a new kind of cryptocurrency ecosystem equipped with total financial and economic features, this week announced a slew of new features designed to improve upon and augment the overall IEP experience for users in the months to come.

Infinity Economics Platform (XIN)

We will change the world.

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