Black man

Outcast by choice

Not to be miscast into a typecast

The type to amass a fortune

Unlawfully or unethically

Seeking to outlast the next man

Breaking away from that

Like the spells cast to distort my reality

I broke the cast they put on my brain

So I can regain my thoughts

But now my thoughts come too fast to process

Two times faster to profess in time

Before I lose it

Or just excuse it

Pay it no mind like it was nothing

Or was it?

Like a moment of déjà vu

But I harass my senses to stay in the moment

To stay in the frame of mind that surpasses the superficial

Time passes quickly when your imagination keeps you company

To come up on anything and everything

While going nowhere

But to go a long way, you need more than the pair of shoes you walk in

To step inside of mine that’s real empathy talking

To feel your pain as mine

Is when the shoe is on the other foot