We all need a reason to continue, be someone’s

A reason to continue credit

At some point we’ll all need a reason to continue. Be someone’s reason.

I’m grateful to everyone who has been my reason to continue.

many think of me as strong-willed, determined and self motivated

sometimes I like to think of myself as that too

but deep down I know there’s more to the picture

there are people in the shadows, in books, in stories, in tweets, in scriptures and in sermons

in a smile, a pat on the back, a squeeze of the palm

in honesty and in frankness, in deceit and game playing

in love, in hatred, in joy, in pain in anger and frustration

in trust, in betrayal, in shame and in glory

all these and many more have been reasons to continue

my heartfelt gratitude goes to you, to the people who expressed and evoked all these.

you’ve been my reason to continue, to excel, to shine, to grow

At some point well all need a reason to continue. You are my reason.

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