How to train your Pokemon?

Source: Games Radar

The world is going gaga over Pokemon Go, people are hunting down Pokemon on their office desks, road side, hospital rooms and blimey! even in the bathrooms.

Guess what!! You can now have a new self-taught unpaid job of hunting the Pokemon creatures and we assure you — You will enjoy it!

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download (Android / iOS) the Pokemon Go app
  • Turn on the location
  • Allow the camera usage.. voila! It’s time to become a POKEMON TRAINER/Hunter.

So What is Pokemon Go all About?

Pokémon Go ( by Nintendo and Niantic Labs) is the new exciting smartphone app that lets you run around and catch pokemon virtual creatures when you’re closer to them. Yes! you have to run outside to catch ’em and that’s where the fun begins.

As we all know Pokemon series have been relatively popular in the late 90’s. It witnessed a slow dip for a few years and has now made a promising come back. Apparently, it has become popular than Twitter in terms of daily active users.

Pokémon Go is an attempt at realizing what fans always wanted from Pokémon — Source: VOX News

Pokemon Go beautifully combines the essence of virtual and real world through ‘Augmented Reality” which encourages the user to move around and catch Pokemon creatures in the game. The app uses your GPS to detect where are you in the game and make a Pokemon appear around you on the phone screen, so that you can catch them.

Chris Brogan has made it more simpler to understand; he explains on his blog — When a pokemon appears (remember: these are cute little monsters), you click on the little avatar of the creature. The game then switches to camera view and you see the monster in the real world around you. I caught a little rat creature on the foot of my bed. It was on knee watching me. You flick a little red and white pokeball at it and try to catch it.
The “point” of the game is to capture lots of these things (gotta catch em all), evolve the ones you’ve captured, and then battle it out with other trainers.

This game is actually encouraging children and adults alike to explore the real world around them. For instance, if you go to a park, you will encounter bug-type Pokemon. You will pick up water-type Pokemons if you are near a water body and in the night, it’s the nocturnal Pokemons on the move.

Pokémon Go is helping depressed and lonely people get out and about, coupled with studies that show walking in nature is beneficial to your mood, why not go for a stroll? as mentioned in an article on Guardian ..

Pokemon Go phenomenon has gone so viral and engaging in a short span of time! We reckon this game will soon become a multiplayer game to engage more crowd and of course to make more money through its in-app purchases. Well, that’s for later but for now, you should immerse in hunting and evolving the Pokemons just like us! ;)

Want to become a Pokemon Trainer? Watch this video :D :D

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