IGT-CRYPTO Team. Sajibe Kanti Sarkar

Dear Community, we want you to meet the new member of the IGT-CRYPTO team — Sajibe Kanti Sarkar, who joined us as a Security Engineer. He has many years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. To get a better understanding of who this person is let’s make his introduction in a form of a short interview.

  • First of all, how did you get into Cyber Security?

I learned about ethical hacking in 2013 and it got me very excited. Each day I learned something new about ethical hacking and web application security. A year later I decided to completely change my occupation and turn this hobby into my main source of income.

To date, I have done a lot of projects with ethical hacking in my country. I was a member of many events and seminars on ethical hacking and web application security.

  • How did you get involved in bug bounty?

2015 was the first time I ever participated in a Bug Bounty. I found my first bug on BitDefender, they then reviewed the bug and gave me my reward for it. From that moment my bug bounty path has started. Since then I’ve found tons of bugs for various companies.

  • How many bugs have you reported already?

Now I have more than 1000+ bug reports. Most of all I’ve done them for such companies as Google, Microsoft, Sony, Blackberry, Belking, Dell, Medium, Avira, Express VPN, SANS, Synology and many more.

  • What is your experience in the field of information security?

For the last year, I have worked with Yogosha. My role there is to find vulnerabilities and ways to fix them. I also work with Hacker One and BugCrowd as a bug bounty hunter.

I have managed VA/PT for BetKing, Stocks Exchange, ZeroBank.cash, URunIT.io, Render IT Coin and many more.

  • Are your skills certified?

I am a certified CCNA specialist, Red Hat System administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer.

  • What are your programming skills?

I code in PHP, Python, Bash, Basic Node JS and Android Development.

  • Have you done any exploits?

I have done a number of exploits related to internet routers. You can find some of them on the link below:



IGT-CRYPTO integrates the best available tech in cyber security but it is impossible to control everything and there will always be those who would try to break it and try to take advantage of the possible vulnerabilities. The role of Sajibe Kanti in our team will be to find those hypothetical vulnerabilities in the code of the Exchange and give his expertise on the ways to fix them.

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