IGT-CRYPTO. The New BIG Update

IGT-CRYPTO Team finished the work on updating the platform. Not only the design has been rethought but the update has also affected the technical aspects.

  1. The overall structure of the site was changed. We simplified the design for the purpose of better perception and added new interactive elements to the main page. Now you can see the current prices of cryptocurrencies, 24 hour price change, the number of active users and the daily turnover without even logging in to your account.

2. The formation of the trading pool has also been reorganized. Now it has become much more intuitive and informative.

A limit buy order(buy limit) is an order to buy a currency at a specified price or lower (because the buyer wants the price to be as low as possible). The buy limit order is set at a price that is lower than the current market. The trader uses this type order in case he expects the price to go lower at first, but then, after reaching a certain level, the trice will go up again.

A limit sell order(sell limit) is an application to sell a currency at a specified price or higher. The sell limit order is set at a price that is higher than the current market price. The trader uses this type order when he expects the price to go up, but then, after reaching a certain level, the price will go down under the resistance level.

3. The speed of matching and processing user requests was substantially increased.

One of the key aspects in the work of IGT-CRYPTO exchange is the speed of applications’ execution. We chose a combined approach in the data storage and processing which implies using both centralized and decentralized systems. The use of the Websocket interface allows us to achieve high processing speeds. Our model is flexible to scale and is ready to work with a large amount of data. In the future, this model will be modified according to the technological solutions that will be presented in the world and accepted by our company.

4. We have integrated SEPA into IGT-CRYPTO as one of the ways to transfer fiat EUR TO and FROM the Exchange with minimum fees;

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) will allow our customers to make euro payments throughout Europe as easily, securely and efficiently as possible.

5. The Security on IGT-CRYPTO was taken to another level. Now 95% of all funds are stored on cold wallets.
This makes hacking attempts pretty much senseless and guarantees the safety of financial capital.

6. Some new technical features concerning the account management have been added.

7. Now we support corporate accounts.

Investment funds and financial companies can now open a special corporate account on our exchange. IGT-CRYPTO can also be connected as a liquidity aggregator to other exchanges.

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