IGT weekly market digest 📯

The most memorable events of the past week.

A brief overview of the most important latest cryptocurrency news in the traditional IGT weekly market digest!

1. Mass Media: North Korea will host a conference on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
According to some reports, North Korea plans to hold a conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is reported by Bitcoin.com, citing Radio Free Asia and Yonhap agency.

2. Bobby Lee: in the coming years the price of bitcoin will reach $ 60,000
Co-founder and former CEO of the oldest Chinese crypto exchange BTCC Bobby Lee is convinced that in the coming years the bitcoin price will reach the $ 60,000 mark, while the capitalization of the #1 cryptocurrency will reach $ 1 trillion.

3. The Internet giant GMO refused to mine Bitcoin Cash
In July this year the Japanese technological company “GMO Internet” rearranged all its mining capacities to mine Bitcoin (BTC). This was reported by the well-known crypto-investor Trace Meyer, who received a copy of the company’s report on the hashrate and coins it had mined.

4. The head of Binance: “Stay calm, the correction bitcoin will soon be over.”
Prices of cryptocurrencies will soon recover, the trend will radically change its direction and speculators will return to the market. This opinion was expressed by Changpeng Zhao — the head of Binance — the largest exchange of digital currencies to date.

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