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We have assembled a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of blockchain and software development, leading experts on the classical financial as well as cryptocurrency markets, competent people who have worked in asset management companies and banks who will guide us in our work and help us to maximize our growth as an international company. 
 We make the most mutually profitable partnership agreements with financial organizations, media resources, opinion leaders, for the most effective promotion of our product.

The world leading lawyers are gathered in our team. They will take care of the settlement of legal issues that inevitably arise during the course of the work.

We learn from the best, because only by constantly improving our professionalism and competencies we can grow as a successful company.

We are very glad that we have partnered with such remarcable experts as:

Jonathan Fianu

Director at PredictX

John is the EMEA Director at PredictX, providing Machine Learning solutions to global companies (UBS, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, adidas, AIG, The Caryle Group, etc) and is responsible for new business and sales activities within the EMEA and ROW region across multiple sectors. He brings a wealth of experience from a range of international markets, with the most recent being Russia, where he was the Investor Relations Consultant for a new IT City in the Russian regions. Previously, Jonathan has operated in a diverse range of industries and sectors including innovative technologies, renewable energy, commodities, and retail alongside exposure in the diplomatic and humanitarian sphere.

Since graduating from York University where he gained a degree in Economics, Econometrics and Finance, he has launched and operated businesses in Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia.

Jonny was the winner of Esquire magazine’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008.

Will Bryant

Director of Global Platform Solutions at American Express

Will is Director of Global Platform Solutions at American Express. In his current role he is focused on delivering a Global Digital Dining Platform Solution for over 100 million Amex Users and Merchants around the world. This involves building cross-border partnerships, App development, API integrations, SLA’s, digital payments, defining the Product, planning market rollout and navigating international regulation.

Following University Will has worked across Finance, Asset Management, Technology and Startup businesses with experience in Business Development, Marketing, Product development, Relationship Management and building Leadership teams. His most recent Startup involvement was as Head of Operations for CAKE Technologies which was acquired by American Express in October, 2017.

Will acts as an Advisor & Non-Executive Director on various startup Boards where he helps to define the strategy, overcome blockers and ensure the Product and Team is built to scale and ultimately setup for success.

Global Blockchain Expert

Mr. Tinh is an internet marketing, affiliate marketing and communication expert with 15+ years of experience. He started his career as an internet marketer since 2000 and became a leading blogger and internet marketer in Vietnam.

Mr. Tinh is also a crypto enthusiast and helped a number of ICO projects with great success since 2010. He provides consultancy service to ICO projects with focus on marketing, PR, and communications.

Mr. Tinh is the founder and writer of the blog: https://www.icoreviews.club/

Kenneth Ng

Business Development Expert

Kenneth Ng is an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant with business and technical experience.

CEO of Project Kanzen Pte Ltd, a Singapore-headquartered digital development company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Project Kanzen provides blockchain and application solutions to clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Kenneth also co-founded Fanfare — the first blockchain-powered Social Commerce platform. The Fanfare app allows for a much more intimate connection between brands and their consumers through consumer-generated shoppable videos.

Sonja Prstec

Experienced Lawyer. Skilled in European Law.

A lawyer with 12+ years of experience and for last 3 has been more focused as a legal consultant for technology projects and blockchain startups. Familiar with many of the current regulatory challenges around crypto assets, having acted as CLO for a Swiss based crypto-startup BITNATION GmbH and designed and implemented their ICO. As a lawyer specialising in legal aspects of ICO’s and the fast changing regulatory landscape would like to take opportunity to help participants of the crypto ecosystem to understand the legal challenges in the background of there projects. Initial ideas include a comparative assessment of the present regulatory landscape, organised around key blockchain jurisdictions including Switzerland, Malta, Singapore, Gibraltar, Estonia, Bermuda, USA etc.

Savio Gomez

Ph.D ICO Strategy expert

Savio is an entrepreneur and an independent active Advisor of blockchain & AI ICO — start up projects serving a range of industries. He has close to three decades of international and diverse experience in the Transportation & Technology field. With an MBA in international business, trade & logistics, Savio is a certified Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence professional, and a Master Mariner with degrees leading up to a PhD. He is also an auditor for the OCIMF and systems such as CDI-IMPCAS, ISO (9001,14001 & 21500), OHSAS 18001, ISPS, etc. At IGT, Savio advises in strategic matters like partnerships, exchange listings, best practices, investor relations, capital introduction and assisting us to continue to scale globally.
 Clemen Chiang

Ph.D. Fintech Expert

An avid investor in the US stock market since the early 2000s, Clemen realized that the average investor is constantly lagging behind in the flow of market information and therefore trades at a disadvantage to the big players in the market. That led to the genesis of Spiking, the first fintech tracking app that helps the average trader to follow the big investors as they buy and sell shares on the stock market. Spiking was supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office under the Interactive & Digital Media Strategic Research Programme’s i.JAM Reload initiative.

We can decisively say that with our own experience and the help of our advisors we are competent in solving any issues and constantly improve our skills.

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