Public and Trading API are released

Jun 30 · 3 min read
Public and Trading API

Starting from 2019 we’ve been seeing the new revitalization on the market of cryptocurrencies.

The price got up from $3200 per bitcoin to almost $12000 per bitcoin.
And so the competition among cryptocurrency exchanges also skyrocketed.
Every modern technologicly relevant exchange has already created or is in the process of creating a domestic tokenomy which involves having some form of one’s own digital assets because this is the way to raise the capitalization and increase the money flow to an exchange.

As such IGT-CRYPTO has developed and launched its own token. Our strategy of increasing the liquidity and demand for IGT Token constitutes the listing on CoinMarketCap and exchanges from the top 10 to create an integral tokenomy.

The next step in the development of IGT-CRYPTO both as a platform and as a business will be the listing on CoinMarketCap.
We’ve already made the most important thing of all. We finished working on API to be able to integrate IGT-CRYPTO into the structure of CMC services.

We also made a standalone API for traders:

Public API

Public API consists of:

— List of transactions for a currency pair
— Order book for currency pair
— Statistics of prices and trading volumes for currency pairs
— Exchange currency list

  • Private API includes:
    — User balance
    — List of transactions
    — Active orders
    — Order status
    — Cancel order
    — Cancel all orders
    — Buy limit order
    — Sell limit order
    — Buy market order
    — Sell market order
    — History of requests for withdrawal
    — BTC withdrawal request
    — LTC withdrawal request
    — Request for ETH withdrawal
    — Request for BCH withdrawal
    — Request to withdraw EUR
    — BTC Address
    — LTC Address
    — ETH Address
    — BCH Address
    — Replenishment data for SEPA payments

Now everything is ready for IGT Token to be listed on CMC and for us to apply the strategy of attracting greater money flow to IGT-CRYPTO exchange.

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