The announcement of the future plans of IGT-CRYPTO

Apr 8 · 2 min read

Hello, Dear IGT-CRYPTO Community!
The IGT-CYPTO team is actively engaged in the development of the project and follows the market trends.
On April 15th, the updated road map will be presented.

The project concept will include information on:
• expanding the number of trading instruments (listing);
• holding tokensales on the exchange, mechanisms and the criteria for projects’ selection;
• Technical development of the project;
• Information on IGT Token;
• IGT Token listing;
• IGT Token dividend payments;

On April 9th

We considered the proposal of our community and investors to hold IEO before launching IGT Token sales.
On April 9th, the IGT Company team will start publishing analytical reviews regarding the cryptocurrency market.
Thank you all for participating in the project! Please follow the news!

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