Confusing Yet Effective Advertising

Hey I have a great idea. Why don’t we all go to the desert and drive around in our ATV’s and dirt bikes and couches and Toyotas? Because that’s a pretty common thing to do on the weekend. Wait, no, actually it’s not. So why is this ad so effective? Why do people still want to buy a Tacoma even with this ridiculous scenario? Simply effective advertising.

This advertisement for a Toyota Tacoma is still effective even though it may be ridiculous. The ad appeals specifically to our need for affiliation. One human desire is to have fun with friends. Nobody wants to sit inside all day and be a social outsider. We want to go out and be wild and go crazy with our friends. Or at least part of us does. This ad draws out this feeling and guarantees that if anyone buys their product, they will satisfy their need for fun with friends.

The advertisement also appeals to our need for escape. Displayed in Time magazine, the ad targets middle aged adults who would rather drive ATV’s than sit behind a desk for 8 hours. Time does a good job of using this ad because most of its content is based on political news, and therefore mostly middle aged people will be reading the magazine.

What this ad shows the world is that advertisements don’t need to make sense. All they have to do appeal to any of our basic needs. Even though this particular ad may seem outlandish or unusual, it still grabs the viewers attention, and that is ultimately the goal of a good ad.

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