“I’ve Got A Little List”
Yonatan Zunger

I take it that you are an aspiring writer for the DNC. For all the fears that the left is attempting to evoke of their following (which you obviously are a part of) so much of your essay is not only factually wrong but also inherent hate veiled in the form of resistance to your newly elected POTUS.

I do not have as much time as you do, to sit daily and espouse a diatribe as lengthy as this, but will attempt to offer some counter points to the most egregious statements.

The statement regarding the EO on immigration,“first it did and then it didn’t” is inherently false and surely an attempt to convince your followers that it was something other than what is was, and no different than the Muslim ban instituted by Obama in 2011. The lack of wording protecting permanent residence is the aspect of which the 9th circuit upheld the lower courts ruling and we need to wait and see what the WH does in accordance to this ruling, eitherto make changes to a new EO that would include this provision while maintaining the remainder of the body of the EO, or argue in a different venue.

As for having the ability to prove your citizenship, I personally carry a copy of my passport with me no matter where I am. It, along with my state DL and VA card are always with me. I ask of you, what is so racially PI with requiring people to be able to prove who they are? Go down to your local library and see if you can check out a book without proving who you are.

On point #1 “I’ve got a list”, please provide me with an article that you penned about the overreach of the IRS during the Obama administration and I will not question your neutrality in the political arena on this point. If not, then all we have is someone from the left that current circumstances now warrant a much different approach.

Point #2 “round up ready”. Please cite your source where even non-criminals were being ROUNDED UP, as I did not hear this or see this on any news broadcast or print article (Admittedly I do not watch or read MSNBC, CNN, or the Huffington Post) so I could have missed it due to willingness not to be brainwashed. The “ROUND UP” as you refer to it was an effort to deport the first wave of violent criminals off the streets of America. It was not a blatant attack on the freedom of our citizens, but rather an effort to capture and deport those who are in this country ILLEGALLY, and who have committed felonies. This is not a rogue assault on the constitution, but rather an exercise of enforcing laws that are currently on the books.

Point #3, criminalize protest. One of the mainstays of our constitution is the ability to conduct peaceful protest in the name of free speech. Your examples of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are the worst examples you could have made. Michael Brown attacked the police officer and the rampage that ensued was a result of the media “TRUMPING” it up. Your statement about TM coming back from the store after buying skittles does not shed the light on the other items he bought that night to make up street drug known as LEAN. The reference to the overzealous CPD fails to mention the carnage happening in this Democratic run city nor the amount of black on black murder taking place. You did reference the amount of police deaths decreasing but fail to mention the fact that the amount of deaths to blacks by the police also runs along the same percentage (a omission I am sure was purely by accident). You call out Trump for his stance against BLM but I do not know of an incident where the Trump administration has stepped in on a BLM protest. How do you feel about the chant “pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon” just a funny chant? I witnessed the motorcade in Dallas last summer for one of the fallen officers and your attempt to legitimize the BLM movement is a disgrace. Your terminology about the “bloodthirsty officers” is typical of the leftist aspect of this propaganda piece.

In reference to your TRUMPISM and the view of this administration in the numerous areas you referenced, please tell me you wrote similar articles about Obama and his administration. Who is Valerie Jarrett and how did she play a role. Was their racism in this administration? Just coincidence that both DOJ’s and DHS were all black? Did anyone talk about his upbringing and the fact that he was raised a Muslim and a Communist? Of course not, less we be branded a racist. I have not heard anyone stating that if you are a Muslim, immigrant (first or second generation) and legally an American citizen that you no longer carry that right. Again typical Alinsky style leftist propaganda whipping up their base.

“In particular, Black people’s role is subservience: taking menial jobs, being sexually available for white needs, being cheated and exploited, and above all, never rocking the boat. (Trump’s long history of lawsuits for very explicit racial discrimination in housing is not coincidental; games with housing have been one of the core ways money was extracted in bulk from Black communities in the 20th century.)”

This by far is the most troubling statement in your lengthy propaganda piece of fake statements. You are a racist for even making this statement. The “long history of lawsuits” must be the one from 1973 of which the Trump Management company settled without admission of guilt and was part of a national suit brought against many at that time. Your total reckless abandon in your writing and disregard for facts leave me, and any educated person with opposing political views to assume that you are just part of the leftist apparatus that is being funded by the Soros camp to stir emotion on the left to make the Trump administration the demons that you so want your minions to believe.

I really have wasted to much time on this and now need to return to being a productive part of society.

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