World War Zero
umair haque

Rage, the bomb, the war. You can feel this rage in the streets. You can see it on American faces, if you look at what they are really saying. They are hard and bitter and cold now. Where did America’s rage come from?

You ask this as if the rage is from the right as opposed to where it is actually originating and more importantly, why. The rage that we are witnessing is from the progressive left and there unaccepting notion that somehow they just deserved to win the election with no regard to the majority of America. They have been left to blindly follow the MSM and their academia minions that have led them down a very dubious road, where rioting and fascist behavior is all they are left to. Meanwhile they continue to disparage the right with comments like, Whites hate blacks, the old hate the young, the rich hate the poor. On the contrary I would say the three examples are turned around. I do not see organized protest by whites creating havoc in the name of WLM, I do not witness old creating chaos against young but mainly the young protesting and rioting in whatever cause is being touted by the Soros backed progressive left, and lastly is the rich really promoting a campaign against the poor, or maybe the Trump led team is attempting to correct all the wrong that has been brought forth by the failed policies of the Democratic left of a half century.

America‘s people choose to deny each other the basics of a good life — healthcare, education, safety, so on — when it costs them nothing, and benefits them everything, in net terms. What else can any sensible person call this but hate?

On this point I will agree to a certain extent. The left has largely left the inner cities of this nation without a quality education and safety. The inner cities are a war zone brought on by economic strife created by the same failed policies previously mentioned, and the illegal immigration laws that have been ignored for over a decade, has led to more violent crime and murder in our inner cities. The example of healthcare I assume to have been a reference to the current discussions being conducted as to how to correct the most egregious law ever perpetrated upon the American public in the name of greater good. It is, and never was, anything more than an Alinsky style take over of one of the main areas in which to control a society, outlined in his manifesto “Rules for Radicals”. Let us not forget, or in most cases, educate the left leaning viewership of this blog, that both Obama and Clinton were disciples of this Socialist crime thug from the forties and fifties. If you weren’t aware, he developed much of his insight from working for the Capone crime family.

There is shattering rage in America today primarily because people were left behind by the recovery, by globalization, by growth itself. A “recovery” touted and glorified by America’s leaders, in which more than 100% of gains were taken by the rich.

This is the point in your essay where I believe your crossover begins. I do not witness the rage you see, outside of the protests that are being organized and conducted by the left in the name of “Anti-Trump”. What is the rage really about? You mention the “recovery” that most were left behind. As an economist, you must be aware that for the last eight years we have not had a single year of 3%+ GDP growth, the first time in American history that a POTUS has failed to achieve at least one year at this level. This is hardly what I would call a recovery. At the same time real household income has dropped by almost 10%. During this period the labor participation rate fell to lows not seen since the early 70’s. An economist surely understands that you cannot have a recovery when an ever increasing number of your workers are not working. A fact that the previous administration refused to acknowledge to the American public. As a middle class American who can afford their own health insurance I have witnessed my health care premiums increase by almost eight thousand dollars per year, and this, for a catastrophic plan with a 10K deductible. I personally do not recognize where the “rich” have taken 100% of the gains of this none existent recovery. You also stated we were left behind by the “globalization” but later in the essay are critical of the administrations “America first” rhetoric. If you are going to make an argument, you need to take a side, globalization or America first. If you are gong to choose Globalization, then you must accept (as an economist)the fact that for this to occur you must first break the back of the American middle class. The NWO can never achieve globalization where a strong, as we knew it, American middle class exist. You need to achieve a global equalization of the masses. Let your readers chew on this for awhile.

Half the country or more rejects modernity wholesale: they have retreated into tribal theocratic alt-clans, where public goods — from information to healthcare — are provided by churches and communities, not by society at large. Thus, they live wholly separated lives: their media, music, literature, art, information, entertainment, theories, facts, ideas — all of it is different to, say, what a New York Times reader (or writer) knows, unfamiliar, and all of it is essentially a symbol of their rage.

Wow,I really want to dissect this section in an attempt to convey the main crux of my counter point to this essay. I assume the half of the country you are referring to are the right, that it seems, you demonize. We have retreated into tribal theocratic alt-clans. The whole concept of the right is more state and local governance. Is the information we receive, if it is not from a source that you approve, a symbol of our rage? Your assertions are laughable. All that the right stands for, our media, music, literature, art, information, entertainment, theories, facts, ideas, are A SYMBOL OF OUR RAGE. I have to stop and ask, are you really serious? The only rage we have is that the left, with their pompous beliefs, truly feel this way. The last time I checked it was not the right prohibiting free speech, rioting on college campuses, not allowing women who did not believe in pro-choice, (unless I was mistaken and these were pro-choice and not for women rights) participate in the women marches around the country.

We can see that rage in the headlines unread by half a nation, who reject the media, finding tribal pride in shared ignorance. And now we can see that rage in the White House, where supremacists laugh, and by whose edicts ethnic cleansing has already begun.

I am wasting a good bit of my Saturday morning addressing this leftist blog of disinformation only in an effort to share valid points against most of what has been shared here. The above paragraph is such a classic example of a demonizing leftist. “That rage can be seen in the headlines unread by half the nation”. Again, I will assume that half to be an unread, illiterate, ignorant right population that chooses not to read the MSM headlines designed to further brainwash the population into their line of thinking, and if we choose not to, we find “tribal pride in our shared ignorance”. The more I read and have to address the more I realize that we, the elders of this country, truly have failed the youth to allow the media, academia, and the entertainment industry to skew a generation or more, so wildly where they really do believe it is the right and not them (more who they follow) that are creating this environment of hatred. “Where the ethnic cleansing has already begun”. In case you do not understand the phrase “ethnic cleansing” groups of a population base would need to have begun to be exterminated. This is a classic example of hate rhetoric being bestowed upon an unsuspecting mass of people (your readers) that have no mind of their own and only formulate opinions based on the medium of information they select to read (and believe). If we were to buy into this assertion somewhere in our great land hundreds if not thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered, beheaded, burned to death or by other means, executed by extremist that were allowed to enter our great land at some point and conduct such atrocities. (I hope you and your readers understand where I am going with this)

A world without global institutions has no mechanism to restrain demagogues from the atrocities of war.

For this to be held true we would have to believe we are already there as the demagogues in Iran, Syria, Isis, North Korea, Taliban, Al-Queda, Al-Shabob and others have failed to be restrained. But I guess this argument was only mentioned in an effort to build intolerance towards our current administration.

“the losers of modernity do not read, they do not understand politics, government, civics, economics, they do not know basic facts about the world — and they do not care to. Just like the people they hate the most — Muslim fundamentalists — their lives are one story: a tale of regress into a dark age. Irony of ironies. And yet. There’s a truer way to see all that: they only know rage”.

This will be the last aspect of this essay I address. I agree with the first section of this statement addressing the losers, however the statement “Just like the people they hate the most_Muslim fundamentalist, is to assume they only exist on the right. There are losers of modernity, as the author likes to opine, on both sides of the aisle. I watch numerous podcast, news clips, of our enraged youth, being asked basic information questions, only to see them with that dumb dog look. However ask them about Jay-Z, a Kardashian, or some other pop culture icon, and they have a Ph’d, they do not know basic facts about the world-and they do not want to, just like the people they hate the most, the losers you identify as the right. And yes, they too only know rage.

The main problem with the left is their self righteous belief that they, and not I, know what is best for me. As a fifty eight year old veteran, I am of the belief that our county truly will be great again ( oh, how I know this upsets the left) and if we implement, what to me are, some common sense aspects into our American culture, we will once again see a resurgence in the economy, and not war as you would have your readers believe we are on the brink of. This type of rhetoric only incites those less fortunate to be able to formulate their own thoughts, into the actions we witnessed this week at UC Berkeley and NYU. But if this is your goal, then continue.

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