GOP’s Voter Suppression Playbook for 2017 Is Real and Treasonous
Hunter Walk

Your comment “non-existent voter fraud” is the most egregious statement in your essay. Living in Texas I have had the opportunity to listen to illegal immigrants brag about voting. I am sure it happens in all fifty states and with CA’s push to allow illegals the right to vote, is shameless. I am still appalled by the Obama administration not allowing ballots to be cast by our servicemen and women in the 2012 election. I still don’t understand the commentary surrounding voter ID laws. In what universe can an argument be made that we need an ID for simple things in life, but for some reason your a racist if you state we should have one for voting also. The fact that the left lobby’s for abolishment of these laws is proof of voter fraud more than an indictment of voter suppression. The differences between the left and those who are right never cease to amaze me.