Media As a Shaping Agent of Society: Wherefore Art Thou Treacherous?: January 13, 2017
James Autio

After reading your article almost 2x through, I realize you are several notches above me in intelligence. Despite this, I understand what you are saying. I think.

Mr. Autio, this is scary.

I have studied yoga for the past few years. Yoga considers the path towards truth. I’ve learned the thoughts in my head are not necessarily ‘The Truth’. My mind holds many prejudices, making it impossible to discern the truth from my own thinking, except *maybe* in viscerally.

Leaders, as shown by your example of Nazi Germany, are subject to their own perceptions and motives. Therefore, we can’t trust them. Ever.

The media has no interest in telling the truth. Money is its motivator. There are no ramifications for misinformation. This past election is the perfect example. How can we hapless fools ever know what is true or false?

Your statement that the educated are the most likely spreaders of misinformation or disinformation is most unsettling. I’ve always believed that education is key. How does one navigate without education? How does one navigate with an education not seated in truth?

I can’t trust myself, my parents, my family, my neighbors, my co-workers, the government, the media, educational and religious institutions, the medical system, and the rest of the world. I think that’s everybody.

You, Mr. Autio, are obviously highly educated. Is this article misinformation or disinformation?

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I feel paralyzed. Where does one go from here? Where does this leave the children?

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