40 Days of Psalm 91 — Day 30

“You shall not be afraid . . .” Psalm 91:5a


Taste and see . . .

No other way to know — but to let go, and let the Father catch you in His Arms. To know the Trust that is promised from Genesis to Revelation, is a treasure beyond understanding.

Though terrors of the night, may attempt to frighten you and bring fear into your life, the Lord says “You shall not be afraid . . . “

This is a declaration — a “Fear Not!” attitude that becomes an anointing. Though the enemy promises death, we rely on God who speaks through you, “I will not die, yet will I live and declare the Works of my God!”

We emerge from the depths of despair with Hope in our hearts and Life raining down on us, that fills our cup and then overflows — causing a River, that engages all of those around you.

You influence your surrounding — this is the territory that you walk in and every step takes the Kingdom of God into every place.

The “Fear Not” is an anointing — that Christ poured out from the Cross, and released in the Tomb when the Stone rolled away. It is Holy Spirit endowed, and is an overcoming Light, — a power to set the captives free.

To Break Chains and see those bindings fall to the floor in pieces.

Lord, baptize us with Your Holy Fire — with Your Hold Spirit . . .

Make today, the day that the enemy within us bows to the Lord above — that those principalities confess with their tongue — Jesus is Lord. Be like Christ, where once in a boat being tossed by the wind and waves — speak Truth — and say, “Peace Be Still!”

All is quiet — all is calm.

“Lord, raise up musicians that lead your children into the Holy Place.

Lord, raise up pastors that lead your children into the Holy Place.

Lord, raise up evangelists that lead your children into the Holy Place.

For such a time as this — pour out Your Holy Spirit like never before” (IHOP-KC)

Yes Lord, like never before . . .