40 Days of Psalm 91 — Day 37

“Because he has set his Love upon Me.” Psalm 91:14a


The Light up ahead was put into place many years ago. Based on the prayers of praying grandparents, my life is not my own — for my Bridegroom has sought me and has found me, waiting.

What was it, that drove my father’s father to his knees for a grandchild that had not been born yet? The prayers and worship released in that time — reached out to the Father in Heaven, touching His Heart — causing change in the midst of a future life yet to be.

The calling upon my life, is still unfolding — yet today He used me to save another. It was just a chance encounter, along some corridor — but he was drowning in his sin, and could not see his way out.

As the man confessed his heart, the Father quickly forgave him — setting the stage for a changed life now filled with life and not death. Was there a grandparent that had prayed for him? — that caused an intersection with my life. He simply was waiting at some service plaza calming a colicky baby and looking like he had no provision.

The still soft whisper came saying, “Pull a 20 from your pocket and give it to him.”

Had the 20 been prayed in for just that moment? If I had not listened, would there have been another?

This opportunity released in a previous generation — now realized today.

Come brothers and sisters, hear the Word of The Lord.

Come and set your love upon your God, the Lover of your soul and Bridegroom of your heart.

Love with all that you are.

Then go to your knees for future generations — that they too may be found waiting.

To hear the still soft whisper of God.

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