40 Days of Psalm 91 — Day 38

“because he has known My name” Psalm 91:14b


My heart is filled with Love for a King that has called His children into a relationship — where Love is the core element and His Breath fills every lung with eternity. It is a moment where your entire comprehension is transformed by a single Word. The Word comes from the Father through His Son — who became flesh and walked this earth, sharing the Father’s Heart.

As He released this Gospel, the Revelation of not only Himself — but the Father and Holy Spirit — through not only Word, but His Actions — we know His Name.

He is not a God, that stands far off — but is close and intimate.

His Words are empowering, and healing. The restoration that comes through Jesus, is power pact — explosive ripples that are carried through generations — sown into our very DNA.

Entire geographical regions are moved and transformed — through this Love.

“I Am,” calls you beloved.

There is a deposit that was given freely to you — but cost Him everything.

The Blood that poured out — continues to this day — impacting every step that you take. His Resurrection — destroys the enemy’s attempt at death, where the sting has been removed and its power over you — removed.

Love — is a Word that is clothed in Majesty, and when ministered by His sons and daughters to a world in darkness — it cracks the ancient grip of the devil, and sets right what was once lost in a garden.

And Adam and Eve are restored — because they know His Name.

God has need of you — today.

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