40 Days of Psalm 91 — Day 39

“I will deliver him and honor him. . . “ Psalm 91:15b


Go into My House today — start there with your heart filled requests — your praise and worship — letting them be released in an environment of Joy. The chair beside the Lord, belongs to you — it has been waiting.

He is a Grand Host — a Lord, that has a House filled with His children, His friends, His servants — His Family.

The Table has been set.

The finest food and drink — fresh and invigorating — Word that became flesh.

The Door is open — and the Invitations have been sent.

Did you receive yours? — You know, that God gave His only Begotten Son (Jesus), because He loves the world so much (those sons and daughters) there-in.

RSVP — included, just say the words, “You are the Lord and I believe that You are the Son of God.”

For those that believe will be saved.

The moment will be captured, this confession of Faith — this act of Love.

Tremendous work in the Kingdom has been ongoing — it stretches as far as His Creation — infinite. Preparation for the day, when a Trumpet sounds and the winds will come — sweeping us away into His Arms.

A dream last night of a violent tornado that whipped into my house — the winds sang with power, lifting the entire house from its foundation.

I asked God, what are these winds?

His Answer — Redemption.

Brothers and Sisters, press in. Be a Host of His Presence. Let His Will be done — in and through you.

The season is urgent — to save those that are lost, by presenting the Gospel — Good News to them.

Confession — God will deliver them and honor them.