40 Days of Psalm 91 — Day 5

“You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,” Psalm 91:5


Take cover within the Shadow of the Most High God — for He is your Shelter, your Strong Tower. In Him, can be found safe passage through rough places, where difficulty and challenge rise up against you. But none will touch you in those places.

You have chosen well, the Safe Harbor which is our God. The Anchor that holds you steady is the Lord, Jesus Christ — the Father’s Son.

Though high tides seek to destroy you — you lock your gaze upon the Lamb that was Slain, His Blood forming a barrier about you, transforming the very atmosphere into Glory — that rises up to Him that is Worthy.

In any distress, you know the Truth.

The words above, bring comfort. For the Shield before you is not held with human hands, but ministering spirits of God, that have trained for those moments — and their discernment is keen, from every angle that the enemy seeks to harm you — they have already covered you there.

Not one arrow of the enemy will find its mark.

In the dark hours, whether asleep or awake — you know the origin of the courage that resides within your heart. Fear cannot be a part of your life, or concern or anxious thoughts. But the Courage that is from God, lingers around you — even when not needed. But is ready when it is.

The Shield of the Lord — represented by the Faith that you have in the King — is quiet large and covers much.

Its purpose, not only to protect you, but your family, your friends, and the strangers you meet. It is a quick covering that takes no time in releasing — just the moment of an enemy attack, angels raise the shield, giving you time to respond through prayer and worship.

Though, casualties have been experienced in the past, possible loved ones that have been lost — you still stand in the Truth of His Love — of His Promises.

Take the Truth — that the Cloud of Witnesses that gathers around you — does not wait for you to call upon the Lord, for the 24/7 prayer of relationship that resounds within your heart with the Father is a constant radar of worship, that penetrates any dark place — covering the lost, the prodigal, and the stranger.

The Arsenal that has been built — is Holy. And it reflects the heart of His Armor — that is a complete defense and offense strategy.

Stay connected to God throughout the day — let your conversation be constant within the worship and prayer — honoring His Presence and bringing His Presence into every place.

You are lifted up this morning Beloved — for your presence is requested in the Inner Court of the Lord, as you share with others the Strategies of the Lord with those gathered to hear of God’s Grace.

Yes, Beloved your presence is requested — the King has sent for you.