Are You Hungry?

“But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4


“God is faithful to the end, faithful to my heart — faithful to the end — oh, come and marry me.” IHOP KC 8:11 am

What Love — that has no comparison on this earth — that is Heaven born. He addresses us as Beloved — and holds us in the Palm of His Hand. He is the Righteous One — the Truth that has no equal. For His Love comes through His Son Jesus — and restores all that was lost; all that was stolen; and all that was broken.

He is a Restoring God — a Lord that brings reconciliation between God’s Sons and Daughters with the Father.

Around us, the world is in turmoil — the seas are heaving to and fro — walls that we thought were secure have fallen, but the foundation has held. He has seeded deep within us — a Word that cannot be moved. Surely, this Rock will stand against the enemy and his threats — no words that are spoken by this world, will cause you to lay down the Word from your heart.

For it is born of Spirit — entrenched deep within the Temple of the Lord, where destruction can not touch. We are His children — born for such a time as this. For all God’s children have a season in which they pour out tremendous Love — a time in a place where the lives of many are at stake, and He has chose us to lift up His Name in the darkness.

To be a Torch lit in the dark — that cast no shadows, but removes the stale air from the land in which we have been given influence and favor — and replaces it with Heaven’s Air — the Life Breath of our God, our Father that reigns forever more.

It is a Great Unknown — but what Faith has been grown on what we have known? The Greater the Mystery — the more powerful the move of God. For He is a God of Revelation — in the moment, the suddenly will appear, bringing Salvation and Life to those that are perishing. Our earthly life, is but a vapor — a simple breath, but then comes God’s Breath that resurrects the Bride of Christ, to bring her into her time of Light.

To break off the attack of the enemy, to stand like never before — to be a juggernaut of Love, that destroys sin through the Blood of the Lamb. That uses God’s Words as if they were their own — to stand in Triumph for what the Lord has done — for what the Lord is doing — and for what the Lord will do.

There is Victory in the Camp — even when the world says there is loss. We see with eyes that have been opened by the Savior’s Hands — by His Love on a Cross.

Every Word (that we eat) that proceeds out of the Mouth of God the Father — is our Sword, that will stop every attack, every hardship, every attempt of the enemy to halt the progress of the Kingdom of God.

Are you hungry?

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