Breach the Hearts!

“The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.” Psalm 138:8


What a Grand Plan You have Lord — in the midst of anxious moments, when the world goes the way of the world — and Your beloved, continues to pray and continues to worship — and to stand for Your Way, Your Truth, and Your LIfe.

Nothing stops You Father — your plan will be made complete, be made perfect in our lives. We say Yes Lord — that you will be glorified, and lifted high.

Your Word is Good Lord — and He is Righteous. Your Word is Life Giving — and is like water to our dry and thirsty lips — You quench that thirst. When we have drank of the world’s wine, and realize that it is tainted with sin — where its quenching abilities are short-lived, temporary — then we will awaken to Your Voice, to Your Invitation to come to the Banqueting Table — a chair has been reserved for us.

Then comes revival like the world has never seen before — where believers in every place, will be persecuted — and then those watching will fall to their knees in repentance of these actions. Eyes will be opened, even if just a breath of the Word had been given to a man or woman — while growing into who they are now.

It may have been while surfing the internet or cable television or something someone shared from a friend — and just for a moment, a witness shared the Truth of who God is. Even if it was just for a second, the Word of God hit His target and a heart was breached, impaled with a the nail from the Sacrifice thousands of years ago.

Once breached, the Life Giving Power of the Cross continues to spread into crevices and dark corners of the heart. Until that moment, when Revival hits the soul and Glory reaches out to a lost lamb — and beckons “Come Home.” The breached heart, now saturated with His Blood explodes into a million pieces — only to be reconstructed in an instant with the pillars of Heaven as its foundation and the Word of God as its covering.

God is like that. He shows His Love to all — that none would perish. And even when we are persecuted, our hearts should ring out with the words, “I forgive you” establishing once and for all, the pivotal access to the Kingdom where the Lord knocks on a door.

Lord, Let Your Incense Arise — and may Your Fragrance reach every nostril — every heart — every soul, that none should be lost. And You Will be made complete in us — be made perfect in Your Timing — that the race should be ran and completed before our last earthly breath.

Breach the hearts today Lord!

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