Come Breath of Eden

Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”


Come into the presence of God, let your love be poured out as a drink offering, a celebration of who Christ is. We are adored by the Father, and He scoops us up in His arms holding us close to His heart. There is a sound that is heard from His lips, a song sung over His beloved, touching the very depths of our soul. The well spring within us overflows, and touches the nations, soaking the fields with nourishing life, changing the course of mighty rivers, and bringing resolve to dilemmas set before them. We are in love with a King, and He calls us His own. We were designed for worship, for communion with the Holy, and are changed, transformed every moment spent in His presence.

Glory is released from the depths of our being igniting that which may have gone dormant for a time, but always an ember can be found, and with just the right amount of breath, is rekindled into a roaring fire that worships the Son of God. It is in the simple prayer of praying peace and protection over His daughter Jerusalem, a cadence that is heard to the ends of the earth, bringing shelter to a nation that was birthed in the beginning of things, having the roots to the headwaters called Pishon, Gichon, Chidekel, and Perat that flourish in the land, bringing salvation to all mankind. For in these waters are the life’s blood of the nation Israel, bringing the Heart of God into the world corrupted by sin and the devil.

Sing of these events, where Christ was foretold by the prophets of old, coming as child born of a virgin, that would overcome the world with His love through His act of sacrifice. Surely, even in these moments that surround us now, two-thousand years after the Crucifixion, men and women still are being saved by the Blood of the Lamb that was poured out, a River of Life that supersedes Eden. Within the DNA of Heaven, earth was birthed through a cataclysmic breath of God, releasing creation to grow and multiply, bringing mankind to this moment, a reflection of His Son, the darling of Heaven. The Spirit brooded over the void, this emptiness before earthly time ever was. We lean into such knowledge, the wisdom of the ages, where mankind was brought to the precipice of decision, to choose righteousness or not.

Glory to Him, that brought us through the Heart of God, washed in the Blood that cleanses every stain, bringing about Love that addresses every dark issue that may have attached itself to our soul. We are no longer the same, but made new every morning, an ongoing process that connects us daily to the Godhead, a bride adorned in pure white.

He speaks and we listen. Come Breath of Eden . . .