“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” Romans 11:33


Sing Hallelujah with the saints in Heaven and the Angels that gather around God’s Throne. It has been a wait, but now the time has come — a day before the Lord, in which your requests are heard and answered.

Glory surrounds Him, from the worship being lifted up in His Honor — to Him be all Praise.

We walk into this event, knowing that it was the Light that led us into this place. Our hearts are in concert with legions of others, each singing boldly in the Kingdom of God that has invaded earth. It is the moment, the one where our hands are lifted up and everything of this earth has faded away.

The lost have followed you to this place. The Torch that you carried, was lifted high and even those in the back saw its radiance. Many crawled out of the darkness when they saw this incredible Light — that was lifted before them. They knew instantly that there was Holiness and Righteousness in its Light, and like a moth to a flame — they came.

Courage was fostered in that moment. Once hesitant about showing their faith and belief, now walking boldly toward the King who sits on the Throne. They once were blind, but now they see. They once were deaf, but now they hear.

Love His Leadership, His Wonderful Oracles — pronouncements from the Throne, that all should kneel and say, “Jesus is Lord!” Cracks of Thunder respond and Lightning flashes across this ancient sky now made new. Our Hope is eternal and has been acknowledged in the inner-courts; doors have been opened and the Bridegroom calls out to His Bride.

Finally, the Lamb has received His Reward.

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