Compassion and Grace

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

Psalm 136:1,26


Want that which is of Heaven and God’s Kingdom — Trust that which is promised, and hope in the King that will deliver. Burn within for that closeness, that is an intimacy of Holiness.

You will not lack in this desire, for His Abundance is beyond that which you can imagine. Seat the Word of God in your heart — let it be found in the well spring that wells up within you and overflows.

Desperate longing rises up to meet the sun — as night gives way to day. The robe of mercy, drenched in Heaven’s dew — drips with gladness, causing thanksgiving and appreciation to be released from the depths of your being. You are caught up in the moment of engagement as the Bride with the Bridegroom. A celebration exists that never ends and has no beginning — declaring His Goodness. It is around the Throne, where kin gather to worship — and the altar draws you into its rapture, its willingness to transform your life — from that dark shadow you once were, to the illuminated crest of the wave that captures dawn’s first light.

Now is the time, that moment of desperation where trust comes to the fore front of your life — and your next breath is unknown, but to the Father that holds you in the palm of His Hand. Father God holds your life — and breathes deep within your lungs. For you were once clay, and now are flesh that contains His Holy Spirit. Flesh that strains at the bounds know before Salvation, and explodes with dunamis power — and all within reach of His Kingdom fall before Him.

You are the object of Mercy, that River that flows swiftly carrying life and joy — and forgiveness — training your heart in the art to forgive others, that releases you further into His Kingdom.

And a Compassion never known — but now, is your foundation.

Surely, these stones will rise and sing of this Goodness — of our God

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