Fixing Your Eyes on the Cross

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1


Come under the Shadow of the Most High God. Bring all of your praise and all of your needs, lay them down at His Altar.

There is a new wind blowing in your heart this morning and it carries Truth upon its shoulders — a prayer cloth that covers you completely.

Trust in the Lord today — in this season of contemplation and selflessness, keep a keen eye on the needy. Your day will lead you near many who suffer, many who could use your kind word, and the Faith that you have. It is in your hands, this anointing — that becomes a break through for those that have been trapped for so long.

Familiar spirits will be broken off of those addicted to drugs — the attitude of the hurting will be receptive, will have hearts that are open to your Love that was given at the Cross by Christ.

Build them up in His Love.

Capture their hearts with True Testimony of what Christ has done to you and through you. Build them up in the Body of Christ, help them to become their destiny as planned before they were born.

Treasures that were stored in Heaven for today, are now in your heart and ready to be used.

Impart and give, that which is God’s.

Carry oil with you wherever you go — it is Holy for the Name of Christ.

Dream big today — dream of the lost, that come to Jesus.

Let Salvation come from you like water from a well — pour it out on all who are dying (physically and spiritually).

Yes, Dream Big.

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