Our Father is a Strong Tower

Psalm 66:4 “All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name.” Selah.


Come quickly into the hiding place. Know that God’s shadow is a strong tower, and the righteous run into it and are saved. Find this shelter early, and go to it frequently. There is wisdom in hiding in the Almighty God. It is there that wisdom is released, and rest can be found. The beauty there goes beyond imagination, and reflects the nature and attributes of our King. He blesses those that live within these walls, and there is an abundant provision there. You will not go hungry without having been fed. Your thirst will be quenched, and there will be more than enough.

Share equally among the saints, for when you were called “saint” your life was immediately transformed into that of a child of God. Your definition of life began anew and your purpose took on the dimension of a Kingdom that knows no end. He is without end, for God is infinite and perpetual, eternally Holy and Righteous, without fault. His Glory abounds in the quiet places of His Sanctuary, and has been stored up for the power needed in the seasons ahead. Not only can mountains be moved by just the mention of His Name, but entire planets and solar systems. The word Jesus, breaks through into places thought unattainable.

It is like the Mercy Seat, where one ran to for refuge and mercy from the King. The King’s word always runs swiftly, and you are like the word of the King’s mouth. You carry the gospel within your frame and it is interwoven into the fiber of your being. Even your DNA cries out, that Christ is King and is God. You are being hunted beloved, by God. He desires your relationship and will not relent until you are His. For He freely gives of Himself to you. There is revelation in the wind, and the breeze carries powerful prophetic messages that the world is desperate for. These words are Truth for they come from the Master’s mouth and it is the overflow of His Heart.

He does not conserve His Word, but lets it flow like a river that knows no end. It passes by formerly arid desert regions and leaves a fruitful forest behind, that feeds the multitudes and heals the nations with its leaves. Let the Word of the Lord go forth and do not hinder the mouths that speaks His Truth. It is imperative that the Word of God be preached in every place, and those nether regions where the dead walk. For this is a place of harvest, the seed must fall to the ground and then burst forth in wonderful life. We are planters and harvesters, that work while there is still light and rest in the arms of the Father, who is our strong tower.