Reaching Out

Revelation 15:4 “Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.”


The strings and tambourines play before your throne, and testimony is given of all that is Holy and Good, those things that show Your Righteousness. Your Heart is beyond measure and it fills every empty cup with mercy and love. Show us your Glory in these days Lord, that we might see your face in every event and in every decision.

We trust in your promises, and believe in Your Word — which has become a sword in our hand and is wielded steadily before us, to break through every stronghold and tear down every wall — that would seek to hold us back from your presence. Truly, you are our Strong Tower and we run into it when trouble assails us, and we walk back out into the world carrying the victory over sickness and injury, and even death.

It is a pecking away at the things that we still carry of this earth, that is those things of the flesh which weigh us down. Certainly you know us better than we know ourselves, and we open up every dark place in us, that you might transform us into the likeness of Christ. We want to be like you, in every way — it is the cry of our heart.

Let the Light that is brighter than ten-thousand suns fill us, that we too would illuminate this world with your Presence. Let us be that beacon, that will be seen by every sinking ship — so that thousands might still be saved. Give us those that are perishing and the Words to speak, that will change everything for them. Put it on our hearts, to save the lost and not pass them by without the Word of God being spoken to them through our actions and our love.

For we are walking testimonies of Faith in action.