Psalm 7:17 “I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.”


How can this be? That God in Heaven would take notice of us, of our steps and breath. According to His Righteousness, we are saved and set apart for the Kingdom of God. In Heaven, His Love pours out daily for us, where the Cross has set us free and made us into His image. It is by His Blood, that still is life giving, that is still flowing today.

We grow in spirit, from one day to the next — that what we feed ourselves is critical to who we become tomorrow. That on the word of our own testimony, we live and breathe — having our way in this world, but not of this world. Thankfulness to God is in our blood, which never fails to be grateful for what He has done — and will continue to do in every event.

We kneel, or lay prostrate before our King and He lifts us up, tilting our face toward Him — giving us His full attention. He speaks Truth into the depths of our being, and we are satisfied with this delicious bread, the Body of His Son Jesus and we drink of His wine, that beautiful Blood that is sweeter than honey.

He is the Word that became flesh, that changed everything — reconciling all to His Name, bringing back the right relationship between the children of God and the Father of Lights. Learning to Trust Him with all of our hopes and dreams, for the next drink that we take and the food that we desperately need becomes the cry of our heart. It is wonderful to be in the audience before the King.

We are given the very best seat, because we did not take it for ourselves — but of all things, humbled ourselves, making ourselves less than Him for He is Greater than all things. Taking His Yoke upon us, and learning from Him — for He is humble and lowly of heart and this is where the Rest is.

Delight yourself in the Lord today. Rest and know, you are dead to sin, but made alive in Christ.