Rise Up, Let Us Be On Our Way

Lamentations 5:15 “The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning.”


Just as recorded by Matthew, “And saying, We have played a flute for you, and ye have not danced; we have sung a dirge unto you, and ye have not mourned,” each step of our life is marked with His presence, but we must know how to respond. Have we not been taught in His ways, to follow Him no matter the circumstance around us. But yet we are stalled by our mind, for it only sees with earthly eyes. It is the heart that must be ignited, that must be resolved to see and believe. We are a people of faith, that must know the Word of God, but also understand that words alone written on paper are not enough, they must be written on the walls of our heart. This must be God breathed.

It was a testimony that drew us to Him. The evidence of an act of God in someone’s life, that marked us for that day and we were never the same. The ultimate testimony of our Savior upon the Cross was strong enough to change the course of time, and break through every barrier that has been established by man, thus allowing us, you and I to come easily into the Kingdom of God. We are the promises that He spoke of, the people called by His name, that would do greater things then He did. The Word of God calls us disciples, but the world calls us foolish fanatics. It is the identity of the Blood, sanctifying us through its holy cleansing, making us different, establishing us as righteous in His sight. We are His, and He is ours.

He covers us in the shadow of His wings, those folds of His garment meant for prayer and intercession. He stands before the Father day and night modeling that which is our calling, to be a praying people that commune constantly with the Lord, whether through words or song or silence. He has instructed us how to prayer, and it is to honor the Father and to bring His will upon this land, which is always good. We are representatives of the Kingdom of God, expanding its tent covering and stretching out the tent pegs upon the land. His territory constantly expands and never retreats; it is within our destiny to bring down the Kingdom of God upon this world supplanting that which the enemy, that devil initiated in the garden. But know that the Cross ended the devil’s reign upon this earth and he is a landlord without a land.

Jesus called out, “It is finished!” with some of His last breaths. All flaming arrows fell to the ground that day, and every curse was brought low never to rise again, buried in the dust of this world. The Lamb of God roared that day, and we have been purchased through that one act, for He saw us as more precious than silver, more valuable than gold, more beautiful than diamonds, a hidden treasure that was and is a pearl of great worth. The prison gates were destroyed, and the lost followed Him to the Kingdom of God in a great parade. All of heaven celebrated, and continue to celebrate even today when one lost child comes into the Kingdom of God when his or her chains have been broken. We must endeavor to intercede for those that only see with the mind, providing the shield of faith that will rise over them, protecting them in the midst of the battle.

Rise up, let us be on our way.