To Live . . .

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21


“Day and Night, Night and Day — let Incense Arise” IHOP KC 10:06 am

He is worthy of it all Beloved — for in Him are all things.

Let Glory come from the depths of your being, in that secret reserve of praise and worship that waits for release into the realm of Heaven, where the elders cast their crowns at His Feet.

We are but a vapor, a wisp of a breath — that is exhaled and then inhaled by our God. And in these moments of our life which we contain in years — are exploits of Heaven, lived out through us. For we have given our lives to be Christ like — and to lift up those around us, that they might see the Truth of the Cross and His Resurrection.

Shine His Love into every dark corner — not allowing one to be lost.

We are to become like Him — in that we are called to be shepherds, that seek the one that is lost, to bring them back to Him who is Worthy.

“To live is Christ . . . “

While here walking on this earth, but not of this world — we have a commission to witness of His Love and His Compassion, releasing the Truth.

To live

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