_Some people’s dreams aren’t the end result of hard work

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Yes, most of us have dreams to have everything we want at our immediate disposal. To eat the food you want to eat, to have the cars you want to drive, to live in the house you want, to go where you want to whenever you wish. And why shouldn’t we? Those are beautiful aspirations and there’s every reason to work hard toward those dreams.
But wait. Wait a minute — isn’t that the same old boring mantra of swimming desperately until you reach dry land?
*(I wanted to spit a rhyme and use “reach the beach” so bad, but “dry land” seemed like the appropriate way to put it.) 
It’s a positive thing to be goal-oriented, a brilliant thing. The problem is that sometimes we’re so result-driven that we don’t get to enjoy the journey. We swim so hard and so vigorously toward the shaded dry island that we don’t get to appreciate the water, its colour, the sun and everything else that is to be appreciated about where we are at that moment. We live our lives as if there lay nothing beyond the shaded dry island. It’s as if the shaded dry island is the peak point of our ambitions. That’s an unfortunate way of thinking.
I admire people who don’t dream only of living the end result of their life’s hard work, but dream of living their lives amid the results of their hard work. Their hard work continues, it doesn’t stop once it reaches a desired destination. For these people, the end result is a short pit-stop. These people are continuously committed to a cause, their lives are filled with purpose until their last breath. They don’t work hard their whole lives just so they can finally be able to retire, lounge on a beach and wait as time allows them to die. They carry on, and on and on.
Yes, the fancy stuff is all present but they don’t allow for their lives to be held down and defined by the possessions they have amassed. They venture into a cause, work tirelessly to see the mission through and then move onto the next venture. They aren’t held down by a fancy business position and its title and they are not afraid to start something from scratch a number of times. They do not hold onto something until it runs stale. They leave it fresh for someone else to take it and run with it. These people are not afraid or insecure to leave something in someone else’s hands. They are not afraid to leave at all. 
Those are my kind of heroes.

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