Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon Helps Little Baby from Pakistan to Survive from A Complex Cardiac Surgery

Hi name is Ussama Aaman, I am from Pakistan, I and my wife had come down to India for my daughter’s cardiac surgery, which was carried out by Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric cardiac surgeon, who happens to be a competent man in this domain. My daughter had a hole in heart that was too complex surgery to carry back in Pakistan. No doctor was willing to take up this surgery hence considering the fame and reputation of Dr. Rajesh Sharma in Delhi, he referred the case and then I enquirer things around over the web. I consulted one medical tourism company, which in turn helped me to get things done as per my whims and fancies. So, with my research on the web, I came in touch with the Indian Med Guru Consultant, who offered me a decent package for my cardiac surgery for my daughter. I found it good to go and then gave the confirmation.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

I had informed them how my doctors back in my country has referred my daughter’s case to the doctor since it was a complex cardiac surgery and that can be only taken up by competent doctors like Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric cardiac surgeon. I was glad to see their package and then applied for the medical visa, it was taking some time but with the efforts of Indian Med Guru Consultant, I was lucky to get the same early. I then packed my bags and reached Delhi for the surgery. The arrangements done by them was par to my expectations. I then experienced their services; they were good in giving everything to me. Right from arranging the doctor to the surgeon and the hospital along with other things like stay and food, everything went smooth for me. This made the treatment for my doctor smooth.

I was glad to meet Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric cardiac surgeon and he assured me that I will be able to do things the best to give you the best of the healthcare services. He then started his treatment and with couple of tests conducted to know the medical conditions of my daughter, the doctor went on carry out the surgery. It was a long surgery after all he was dealing with the most complex thing on earth the hold in the heart and after 8 long hours, he was able to come out with a smile and an announcement that the surgery was a big success. My daughter was kept under observation in an ICU and soon was shifted to the recovery ward and then after the post-surgery treatment she was released. This gave a good relief to me and I am glad for the same.

I should confess the way the Indian Med Guru Consultant has helped me in managing the cardiac surgery seeking the help of highly competent doctor like Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric cardiac surgeon. In fact, the doctor helped us a lot in making my daughter free from the dreaded ailment. All thanks to the medical tourism company which arranged everything. These include giving me the best of the healthcare services at affordable cost. They also helped me to arrange all the basic things, which include the food and local transport along with a number of other things what are required by the global patients. I really owe this group called Indian Med Guru Consultant that went out of the way to help me in getting the best hospital and the best surgeon called Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric cardiac surgeon. I highly recommend this group and the cardiac surgery in India. I once again thank everyone.

Ussama Aaman

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