Untold story of a life

There is something different, something powerful and something special about her which he couldn’t put his finger on it and he still cannot. Though he was a guy who cannot break, guy who let no one in, seems vulnerable in her presence. He let his guard down in front of her and sacrifice things he value most to make her happy. A girl who was from another religion, another culture and from somewhere he doesn’t has a clue made him different, made him soft and made him see the world through a whole new angle.

Story of two people began with enormous effort from this guy and they both stepped in to a beautiful and different world where they never imagined and never thought exist. This girl who came out of nowhere had guided him through a different journey which he never planned to experience.

She became his strength, his weakness and his precious. Finally he found something to hold on to. Something to be cherished. They spent the whole time together. Speak about anything and everything even when they aren’t physically together. Dreamed about a life with full of happiness. He became a dreamer about love. Everything became so colorful to him in her presence. The guy who used to stay without thinking about anything became someone who always think about this girl who came from nowhere to his life.

Time passed and he built a life he never thought about before with her. He had his ups and downs with her but this life with her became the most beautiful thing he had. He grow up 7 years with her and achieved many things with her. he had the most greatest and beautiful experiences with her which he never thought he will experience. She became his breath, his thoughts, his happiness and his everything. He was addicted to her voice, to her touch, to her fragrance.

The differences between the religions and the believes made them suffer time to time and it hit them hard after 7 wonderful years. It hit them so hard and finally the girl decided to leave the guy because she couldn’t abandon her family and it made him so miserable. He tried so hard to talk her out from her decision but he didn’t succeeded. According to the famous quotes, time suppose to heal the wounds but no wounds were heal within him. He tried every way he knows to get rid of the pain he has but nothing worked for him and he is still trying. He became to a condition where he cannot find happiness from anything. he suffers every second of his life, every minute, every hour and every day. he is suffering for 24 * 7. He is holding on to the memories of her, memories of the moments he had with her. He is holding on to a piece of paper which he got from the girl he loved and he is carrying it everywhere he goes. Struggling with sleepless nights shattered mind set.

He is suffering in lots of ways and I think I must stop now. Hope this little note will help him some way

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