What ‘God’, an atheist refuses to believe in?

A question was asked on Quora “Why are almost all self-proclaimed atheists non-Muslims?”

Answer by Irfan Khan:

Atheism is a very volatile subject as the term itself is defined in many ways by different people. Almost every person has a unique perception of ‘God’ they believe in. Even though people may believe in a particular religion yet personal views differ to some extent. The term ‘God’ and ‘Atheist’ are all a debate in semantics.
If a person claims to be atheist ask him to define the word ‘God’ as perceived by him/her. Since he denies the existence he must define what is that whose existence he denies. When you will hear the definition you will realise the atheist is articulating his perception of ‘God’. That perception was created by his exposure to the influences on his life. The perception will not be the complete definition of ‘God’ (as believed by millions others) but his idea of ‘God’ therefore he is denying what he perceives as ‘God’ rather than ‘God’ per se.
But what is God as a complete definition? There is not one clear agreement about this. Even practicing religions have sub sects and their ritualistic behavior depict contrary perceptions of ‘God’.
If you pitch one person’s belief of ‘God’ with another’s, you will realize that everyone is atheist with respect to someone else’s belief.
It’s your perception and it’s true in your universe. But the good thing is that you are exploring it beyond.

Originally published at neuronmediatech.tumblr.com.