Ain’t about the Money.

Money = Temporary Happiness.

Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. In today’s world, where everything is so expensive, and everything is thrown in our faces every single day over social media, it makes it hard not to be all about the money and material items.

From an early age in life, I decided I was not going to be a fan of any particular sports team. I always loved players. Individual players. Still to this day, the only team I am 100% a fan of is the Boston Red Sox. Yes, I lived in the Bronx for 8 years, and yes, I AM a Boston Red Sox Fan.

It disgusts me when people just do things for money. It makes me even more disgusted when teams (or companies) let money rule loyalty. The day I realized material items and money didn't’ and couldn’t make me happy, I stopped worrying about money, and I stopped worrying about how I was going to pay my bills each month.

My career was never about the money in the mortgage business. My career was about going above and beyond for my clients, realtors, and referral sources, and what mattered most to me was getting the deal done. Yes, a large pay check, 5 figures every month is and was great, but it was just a means to provide for myself and others. I can tell you that it didn’t make me happy. In fact, the more I made, the more I was spending, because I wasn’t happy at all on the inside. At 25 I bought my first $105,000 car, it was an ML 63 AMG. It was awesome. It was like a jet. I remember me and My best friend Jason Caldwell hitting 160 in it and it showed 200 on the dash. The happiness the car brought me was temporary, and faded a few months in. I then went onto a G-Wagon. Bad ass truck. Again, awesome for a month… Then I was over it. I was searching for happiness in people and things, and not in myself.


These 3 players to my left were all my favorite players at one point or another in my life, and I had each of their jerseys. What ever happened to loyalty? I blame money for all of these tremendous, probably hall-of-fame athletes, for not remaining loyal to their team, and the team not remaining loyal to them.

The same rules apply to any business. Business is more than just money. It costs money to run a business. It takes time, effort, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and cooperation.

For the Love of the GAME. The other day I was talking to my friend Lorenzo (#55 on the Jets) and I said honestly, “I would play in the NFL for free.” Still to this day, I would sacrifice everything to just have a chance at living out my dream. I would sacrifice everything I accomplished in life thus far just to in my own heart and mind know I got a fair shot at living out my dream. Yes, sports are entertainment. Yes, sports are massively taking a toll on athletes bodies, family life, and minds. Trust me, I get it.

Athletes deserve every penny they get and earn. However, I believe Athlete contracts should be 100% performance based. How many times have we seen big contracts given out and then the player gets hurt, or becomes lazy, or becomes over weight, or sits out games? You know who gets let down? The FANS. The CHILDREN who are looking up to these role models, and super Heros. Why? Because they forgot what got them there, which was either the love of the game or the means of providing for their families.

If I could just get to each and every professional athlete and remind them just a few things they would be the following:

  1. You are 1 play away from a career ending industry
  2. The one time you don’t sign a fan or kids memorabilia, you may let them down for a life time
  3. Play for the Love of the Game, for FUN, when Money didn’t matter
  4. As easily as you became Famous, you can be forgotten
  5. Without Fans, and people who cheer for you and buy your products, You are nothing

Focus on Happiness. In ALL aspects of life. If you are miserable at work but are making $100,000 per year, sacrifice the $100,000 miserable job and go make $60,000 per year, but live the way you want to live in the environment you choose to live in.

If your manager is an asshole, Leave. If your boss only cares about money and numbers, and not your well being, tell him or her to go jump off a bridge.

Don’t be a baby, don’t complain about it, don’t whine about it, take action, execute, and do something about it.



Trust me, once you’re truly happy on the inside, everything else falls into place.


The Mortgage Quarterback

Jeff VanNote



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