For the reporting period ending July 31, 2019, state agencies reported nearly $566 million in General Funds liabilities and late payment interest penalties. This amount reflects liabilities that have not yet been sent to the Illinois Office of Comptroller but are eligible to be sent because the agency has an approved invoice or pending interest payments.

Reporting agencies’ total liabilities, based on their General Funds and Health Insurance Reserve Fund (HIRF) liabilities, including late payment interest penalties owed on bills released for payment by the Illinois Office of Comptroller, was $821 million for the July 2019 period, representing a decrease of $36 million compared to agencies’ June 2019 liabilities and a decrease of $245 million compared to agencies’ March 2019 liabilities. This $821 million has been incorporated into the estimated amount of bills pending reported daily on the Comptroller’s website and will remain as static input to this calculation until the next DTA monthly report.

After combining this $821 million with the $5.957 billion in payables at the Illinois Office of Comptroller, the total estimated amount of General Funds and HIRF bills pending for July 31, 2019 was $6.778 billion, a decrease of $500 million from the end of June 2019 and a decrease of $1.875 billion compared to the March 2019 period.

Assisted by nearly $1.5 billion in additional state General Funds revenues in April, the Illinois Office of Comptroller has worked with the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) to cut the amount of CMS’s HIRF liabilities and late payment interest penalties by almost $512 million since the April 2019 reporting period.

For information on the state’s monthly estimated bill backlog, please review monthly Debt Transparency Act reports at

The estimated General Funds bills pending total is comprised of pending vouchers, transfers and interest payments from the General Funds and the Health Insurance Reserve Fund.

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The official account for the Office of the Illinois State Comptroller and Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza. Follow us for Office services and #ILbudget updates.

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