How We Use Color in Our Designs

At ILLUMINZ, we think, breathe and live on designs. 
We have been constantly engaged with the latest technologies to build the best in the industry. Since 2009, we are designing apps & websites that solve real business problems by paying attention to every excruciating detail in our work.

Recently, we asked our design team -the importance of colors in their designs? 
We wanted to know real challenges and experiences of designers have came across in the projects we do here at ILLUMINZ.

To their knowledge, where apps like Adobe Kuler and Color Farm are great to find good color palettes and combination, choosing the right color palette is more of a personal choice than any app theory.

So, diving into the color palettes and choosing a beautiful random color combination for a website will not work in all the cases.

For calling attention and delivering information for a powerful usable brand, each color has to tell a compelling story.

If you have been following the earlier piece we wrote on color theory, you will know that each color has a story to tell. Here’s how we use each color in our designs:


Red is an amazing color that displays power and passion in design.
Best associated with fire, red is used to intrigue users. We use Red when we like to draw user attention to the products on the website. It is energetic and shows vigor of a brand.

To get maximum attention on the products, we have used Red for Sunglasses Outlet- An online store that sells branded sunglasses at their best price. The red and white combination to draw attention to your brand.


The healthy and vital Orange is an optimum choice for a website that promotes a clean and fresh environment. In design, the various shades of Orange are perfect as they draw attention without becoming overpowering .

Less Intense Oranges are more welcoming than any other hue. We have smartly added this to the buttons for a sense of soft touch and a pleasurable visual experience.


Yellow has a strong association with hope. 
Using yellow on important buttons transforms user’s curiosity into a clickable icon. 
Dark yellows and gold-hued yellows can sometimes look antique and be used in designs where a sense of permanence is desired.

Too much Yellow can be visually discomforting. We always use Yellow in bits and pieces like on important buttons. It represent rich, glowing and valuable product.


Other than being a refreshing color, blue is also a color of trust and strength. We use Blue for corporate websites that display reliability and importance. Moreover, the meaning of blue is widely affected depending on the exact shade and hue.

Blue is the color of calm and clear sea. MySeaTime is a website that offer Sea jobs to Mariners. To display trustworthy and reliable services, we chose shades of Blue in this job and information portal.


The down to earth green represent new beginnings and growth. It is the color of nature and widely used for websites that promote natural products that benefit the environment. Dark greens are the most stable and representative of affluence.

Promoting the renewable products and services, Green is the perfect color for The Renewable Energy Hub. It is the color of nature after all!

We believe, colors are the best for Data Visualization as they deliver content in a more powerful manner. It is often more effective than words.

Marketers tell us that knowingly or unknowingly, customers are influenced by the design of a website. And this influence can either boost the sales or be bad enough to shut down any business.

Colors can change the feel of your website!

For more details on Color Theory read our latest blog — Understanding the Color Theory in the Digital Era.

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