How Do Structural Engineering Firms in New Orleans Build Skyscrapers?

Looking at the New Orleans skyline, it’s hard to ignore the commanding presence of One Shell Square, the tallest skyscraper in the city at 656 feet. But it’s not alone in the shiny forest; there are at least 106 completed high-rises in New Orleans, including 36 that stand at least 50 feet.

Recent trends suggest a construction boom in the downtown area, a benefactor of $3 billion in private funding that is being poured into high-end refurbishments of historic buildings.

Of course, awe-inspiring buildings, such as One Shell Square and its neighboring high-rises, do not happen without the help of structural engineering firms in New Orleans. You might ask, how do these professionals turn blueprints and plans into high-reaching marvels of engineering? Read more on this article.

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