10 Halloween Hacks That Will Make Your Holiday Run Smoother Than Ever

We can all agree that Halloween is one of the best holidays. Who doesn't love dressing their toddler up as a terrifying mini vampire and giving copious amounts of sugar to other people’s children? Fun times. We’re here to make sure your Halloween is even more spooktacular than usual, with 9 fun Halloween hacks.

Spooky glowing eyes — For a Halloween decoration and kid friendly craft, Rust & Sunshine has a great idea with their spooky glowing eyes! Take empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, and draw some creepy or silly eye shapes on them. With the help of an adult for younger ones, cut out the eye shapes and put a glow stick inside the roll. These can be hidden in bushes or dark corners around the house for an awesome spooky effect!

Toddler tips — Trick or treating with toddlers? BonBon Break has some insanely useful and time saving hacks for you. For starters, don’t leave the house without some potty prep, a conversation about candy etiquette, and some warning about the possibility of spooky haunts.

Easy pumpkin carving — Pumpkin carving is a Halloween family tradition, but sometimes your Pinterest worthy carving can turn into a Pinterest fail. A subscriber over at Make has a truly revolutionary idea to make carving and lighting so much easier! By cutting off the top of the pumpkin as well as a long rectangle down what will be the back, the gourd can be lit, carved, and emptied without getting too messy.

Happy, healthy teeth — Avoid dental catastrophe by incorporating some healthy Halloween treats into your festivities. These easy and fun treats from Skinny Mom are sure to be a hit!

Milk jug walkway lights — If you’re expecting little trick or treaters this year, you’ll want to light the way to keep them safe while they’re on their way to your door. The blog Eighteen25 has an excellent idea that uses simple milk jugs and a string of holiday lights, and you can even let the little ones in on the decorating action.

A treat for the whole class — The idea of making 30 perfectly pleasing kid friendly Halloween treats for a class party can be daunting. Thankfully, Mommyish has some great recipes that you can make in a flash!

Last minute costumes — If you’re doing the costume thing last minute, or you’re simply looking for a homemade costume that really wows, Lindsay Hutton over at FamilyEducation presents some really awesome ideas. From newspaper pumpkins to laundry hampers, last minute never has to look like it!

Go beyond the candy — If you’re attempting a Halloween party, consider some of these great party hacks that your kids and friends will love. From cake pop eye balls to a pumpkin cooler, these party hacks have a little something for everyone!

Safety always comes first — And finally, some basic Halloween safety tips from the lovely team over at Kids Activities Blog, so that your night of spooky fun doesn't turn into an actual nightmare.

Show off that costume — Just because grandma and grandpa are miles away, it doesn't mean they need to miss out on the festivities. ILY can help your kids show off their costumers at a click of a button.

Trick or Treat from the ILY team.