ILY Demo - Meet The Home Phone That Connects Generations

Ever wondered how ILY works? Watch and learn as Ilan Abehassera, our Founder and CEO walks us through the design and some of ILY’s best features. At the heart of ILY is family and our goal is to bring you closer to your family no matter the age or distance.

Some Highlights Include: 
ILY is always on and always plugged in. All you need is WiFI or Ethernet and you are connected. 
* ILY replaces your landline with a handset and dial pad.
* ILY’s one-tap calling for set family members makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of tech savvy.
* ILY can be used with voice, video or text.
* ILY connects to an app on your smart phone or tablet. 
* ILY Life allows you to share videos and photos with family creating a timeline of events and shared experiences.

By the way, our designer, Map Project Office, was just named one of the most innovative design companies in the world by Fast Company. We told you, you are in good hands with ILY.

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